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About ScrubUp

ScrubUp App To date has been downloaded across 142 countries with over 17,000 users! Why because we understand the needs, complexities and pressures of operating room personnel. Patient safety is key to our success and we value and understand the meaning of teamwork. Surgery is becoming more technical, demanding and costly. Our aim is to minimise healthcare costs by streamlining operating room efficiency, and more importantly, optimizing patient safety.

With the demand for surgery growing 10% annually, there is a need to support a healthcare industry which requires skilled healthcare professionals.

In 2018, the USA spent $3.75 Trillion on healthcare costs. According to Google,  $2,949.00 USD is spent per day on each hospital stay. There are over 53 million procedures performed in the USA annually. Hospital acquired infections & surgical site infections occur in approximately 5% of patients undergoing surgery.

The longer a patient is exposed to an anaesthetic not only increases hospital costs but also increases the patients risk of a surgical complication and or infection. We understand that a prolonged hospital stay also impacts on hospital revenue and patient turn-over.

Costs can be saved through enhanced surgical team anticipation. Surgical errors & complications are reduced with efficient preparation.  A 2018 study found wasted supplies represented up to 20.1% of the total cost allocated to surgical supplies. An US study found they wasted approximately $1000,00 USD per Neuro-surgical case due to opened and unused sterile supplies.

ScrubUp aims to minimise this wastage via a more consolidated and informative grass roots approach.

Patients are vulnerable and predispose themselves to a number of factors when they consent to a procedure. Due to the nature of surgery there is never a 100% guarantee the best outcome will be achieved, human factors are always present. Which is why preparation and insight are key to optimal outcomes. Research has shown that never events occur when there is a lack of teamwork, communication and experience.  

Healthcare costs are associated with a number of factors including surgical time, equipment and patient outcomes. Our aim is to enhance operating room efficiency whilst supporting surgical team members, in order to increase a healthcare facilities revenue and turn over. Research has found that increased efficiency drives revenue. 

The idea for ScrubUp was planted over 18 years ago and has progressed and morphed into a complete digital database. We wanted to create a user-friendly digital platform with real information that provides support & unity to all  health care professionals and facilities. Our focus is to utilise technology to enhance operating room efficiency through technology that supports, patients, hospitals and all healthcare professionals.

Founded and developed in Sydney, Australia, & with over 20 years of operating room experience, across multiple surgical specialties, Allis Technology truly understands the needs of a busy peri-operative suite.

ScrubUp aims to support all healthcare facilities in optimising patient safety and reducing surgical time.

Surgical Precision Begins with Perfect Preparation!


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