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About ScrubUp

ScrubUp App To date has been downloaded across 129 countries with over 9,000 users to date! Why because ScrubUp app is the first real & practical mobile resource tool & software database targeted to assist surgical technologists, ODP’s, instrument & circulating nurses, surgeons, surgical assistants & anyone learning the technical skills of surgery. ScrubUp provides preloaded information that aims to guide the surgical technologist-nurse-ODP-surgical trainee in being able to confidently prepare & set up an operating room capturing all the intraoperative details required. Thus streamlining operating room efficiency & enhancing patient safety.

Surgical equipment such as prostheses and disposable packs can be photographed, to directly relate to each surgical procedure. All operative details can be edited and customised to meet your hospital and surgeons’ needs. You can build and create your own surgical preference list with all the procedural details for each of your surgeons’. You can even personalise the list by adding an image of your surgeon.

As a surgical reference tool ScrubUp allows the user to customise, add, delete, take notes & save images to any surgical case. ScrubUp will support all operating room technologists, ODP’s, nurses, surgeons & surgical assistants with various levels of expertise. ScrubUp procedures are separated into surgical specialties whereby the user & hospital can customise, sync & share your own surgical specialties.

Allis Technology PTY LTD is the voice behind ScrubUp App & software and as an 18 year veteran of working in the perioperative setting we truly understand the needs of the healthcare facility, staff & patients. Allis Technology, understands the anxiety & frustration perioperative staff are exposed to when preparing for a procedure and surgeon they may be unfamiliar with. ScrubUp is designed to help alleviate this anxiety and pressure. We aim to enhance operating room efficiency through enhanced team preparation and anticipation. Increased efficiency drives revenue. Costs can be saved through better team preparation. Surgical errors & complications are reduced with efficient preparation. Surgical site infections are minimised with clear and concise preparation. The longer a patient is exposed to an anaesthetic not only increases hospital costs but also increases the patients risk of a surgical complication. Preparation is key to reducing costs.

ScrubUp has been an ideaology of ours for a number of years; we wanted to create a user friendly surgical database with real information that provides support & unity to all operating room professionals globally. Our focus is to utilise technology to enhance operating room efficiency through technology which supports the patients, hospitals and all healthcare professionals. Allis Technology PTY LTD endeavours to provide technological advances in the perioperative field of education through interactive educational experiences to support all healthcare professionals. Founded and developed in Sydney, Australia and with a wealth of operating room experience, Allis Technology truly understands the needs of all operating room personnel.

ScrubUp will support all surgical technicians & nurses with the knowledge they require to competently & confidently complete their role as an instrument and circulating nurse and or technician, thereby exceeding the demands of the surgery and their surgeons.

As broad as our perioperative shoulders are, it is simply impossible to remember every single detail about every surgeon and procedure they perform; so let ScrubUp rescue you from unforeseen circumstances.