Do you know who is who in the OR, even after Time Out?

04 Aug Do you know who is who in the OR, even after Time Out?

shutterstock_573668455In regards to Time Out do you find all team members actually introducing themselves and what their role is, ie surgical technologist, scrub technician, endorsed enrolled nurse, operating department practitioner, surgical technician, new graduate, are you aware of their level of experience?

As team members we all have our own professional standards and level of responsibility.

Do you think it would help if we could easily identify the role of a colleague and their level of experience? I have worked in many OR’s with nurses whom I assumed were Registered Nurses, only to discover in the tea room or by another colleague, that they were Endorsed Enrolled Nurses, who according to ACORN (Australian College of Operating Room Nurses) standards work under the direct supervision of an RN.

This worried me, as I was not informed by the nurse or when I was it was weeks after working with the nurse who I assumed to be a Registered Nurse.

Hmmm who should be responsible for alerting us to this? the nurse or should we be asking all team members their role and designation? Does this already happen?

I like the idea of the theatre cap challenge, this involves staff having their name and role on their cap for all to see, great idea!

What about the juniors, here in Australia it is very difficult to identify a junior or new graduate as our scrubs and name ID’s are all the same.

Does anyone else see this as an issue?

see Theatre Cap Challenge





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