Human Error

10 Jan Human Error

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Do you know the impact of human error in your OR?
We have so many checklists and forms to complete intra-operatively, in addition to juggling instrument trays and demands of surgeons in a time restricted environment?
I shared a tweet by a nurse who thinks we should all be wearing our role and designation on our scrub caps, not a bad idea.
At least we would all know who the students, agency nurse and surgeons are. Will this reduce errors, maybe?
Why, because we would at least know the name of the surgeon, the assistant and all the trainees plus the agency nurse and new staff all without wasting a breath. We all know this is supposed to be completed during Time Out but unfortunately this adds to surgical time and not everyone is involved or present. We could easily identify, visually, who is who, and quickly ascertain expectations & experience.
I am all for wearing my name and status. As a Registered Nurse in Australia we have Enrolled Nurses who work under our supervision and as an agency nurse it is rarely brought to my attention that my circulator, instrument or anaesthetic nurse, is an Enrolled Nurse.




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