Robotic v’s Traditional Surgery

22 Jan Robotic v’s Traditional Surgery

What are your thoughts on the impacts of robotic surgery? I am afraid this amazing technology may lead us to de-skill. For those of you using this technology daily, is it changing your traditional focus on preparing for surgical procedures? Do you fear we will forget the more ‘open’ & traditional approaches to surgery. I know how I feel when I have not scrubbed for a C-Section after being on holidays, I have to go over & over it in my head…now when do I suction-clamp-etc…For those of you who are using robotics do you feel as though you are replacing old skills with new skills and would you feel confident in scrubbing for a procedure, if it went ‘open’. What about the junior techs & nurses, how would they cope if they have never seen an open procedure, what are your experiences. Please share your thoughts, I am interested to find out how we are managing these technological advances.

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