Surgical Experience & Exposure

21 Mar Surgical Experience & Exposure

Does experience within the OR have a direct impact on our patients?

My guess is yes, why, because experience breeds skills and knowledge. Without the skill there is a lack of insight.

Without this insight there is a lack of preparedness and efficiency, thus longer surgical times.

We all want optimized outcomes for our patients, however, we also require the right environment in which to learn. As an instrument & circulator nurse & or technologist we are required to be calm, assertive and  quick thinking in an environment that is extremely complex, technical, demanding and costly.

Experience & exposure too, as many surgical procedures and surgeons as possible, I believe breeds knowledge, confidence & competence. Supporting the novice is key to an efficient and productive environment.

As a result surgical time is reduced & streamlined. Wastage of supplies is reduced and surgical teamwork and communication is enhanced.

Seniority & experience should never be underestimated.shutterstock_1212607606








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