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30 Jan Surgical Instruments

How many times do you place a repair or sharpening tag on an instrument only to find the repair has not occurred, the instrument has not been sharpened or it has taken months and months for an instrument to be returned.

Very frustrating for all of us, especially when it’s the surgeons favourite.

When I was training we had an instrument repairer onsite, this does not appear to be the case anymore, which is extremely unfortunate.

I wonder if the instruments that require repair due to over use like a bent or chipped bone chisel get repaired or are simply disposed of? Is there an infection control issue, for those instruments that are badly dented?

Maybe it is more costly to simply replace an instrument rather than repair it?

Sharpening our scissors, is key to efficiency and productivity, when a Metzenbaum or Mayo Scissor is blunt this can be frustrating to the surgeon and impact on precision dissection. Let’s not forget about needle holder grips, as they seem to disintegrate over time and it is best practice to use the specific size needle with the right size needle holder, although this does not always play out in reality, due to instrument availability.

All of these minute challenges, as we know can erupt into avalanches.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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