Surgical SetUps- How many trays is enough?

04 Sep Surgical SetUps- How many trays is enough?


Surgery is becoming more complex & technical. Surgeons want to use the latest surgical technology to get the best surgical outcomes, I get it, but when the surgeons relies upon the nurses/techs & ODP’s to put the equipment together & check that every piece of the equipment has been placed into the tray by the sterilisation unit & that it has passed the sterilization process and has been packed correctly & you have never seen the tray or equipment before…WOW that is a lot of responsibility, don’t you think? Lets not forget sensory overload!!

Last week I assisted in a surgical case that required, 20++ surgical trays, most of the trays were loan sets, arrived the night before from the orthopaedic company, we had to count all the equipment. This is crazy when you think about the time to check, setup, prepare, put the equipment together, then take it apart and place it back in the correct tray to recheck the equipment at the end of the case…phew, no wonder we drink!

Seriously is there an easier way for us to support one another and reduce set up time and checks, whilst maintaining patient safety?

Would love to hear if your facility has a more streamlined approach.IMG_20180830_074854604

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