Surgical Teams

12 Mar Surgical Teams

Does teamwork mean that a surgeon relies on your skill & presence 100% of the time, do you feel empowered when told, ‘a surgeon can not cope without you.’

Surgery involves a team of professionals who have designated roles that support and guide the surgical case. We are part of an important team and what we do in the OR impacts on the patient. We may feel, like what we do, can not be done any better by a colleague. But guess what, it can. It may take time but we can all learn from one another.

Yes, we are all replaceable.

Do you ever wonder why, when a casual technologist or travelling RN fills in for a permanent staff member, there is equipment not collected for the surgery or the wrong equipment is collected, the surgeon may feel anxious with an unfamiliar team member, and tension can build.

Shouldn’t we all be supportive of one another, because the time spent in the OR has a direct impact on surgical outcomes.

When we all work together patient safety is maximised, the quality of care is optimized and productivity increases.




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