Technology & the OR

17 Oct Technology & the OR

Surgery continues to break boundaries in the OR, we have bionic implants, surgical instruments customised to the various surgical approaches, devices to control bleeding, complete intra-operative patient monitoring.

Hmmm what about the OR setup, preparation & equipment? Getting the right equipment at the right time is instrumental in optimising patient safety, enhancing efficiency & reducing costs.

The role of the peri-operative team should be highlighted and supported. We have a significant role in maintaining the efficiency of a unit.

Patient safety plays a key role in everything we do. The longer the surgery the increased chance of an infection, DVT & an adverse outcome for our patients.

As a hospital run business this equates to a loss of revenue, longer hospital stays, increased use of resources, reduced number of available beds, increased use of high-end medical & pharmaceutical supplies.

This is why ScrubUp Software needs to be part of all operating room suites.

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